Recycled. Renewable.
A Really Good Choice.

Last Fall, we introduced our first-ever planet-friendly styles. Made from recycled plastic bottles, Bloom™ algae foam & water-based glue, our sustainable styles helped keep our rivers, lakes, oceans and air clean.

Reasons to Feel Good

Here's how our collection helped the planet:

✔ Made from 295,629 recycled plastic bottles
✔ Helped clean 264,172 gallons of water in rivers and lakes using Bloom™
✔ Saved 58 tons of CO2 emissions. That's like driving a car around the Earth 5x

  • More Things to Feel Good About

    Tote-ally awesome

    100% of net proceeds from our eco-totes go to ME to WE’s clean water projects.

    Ditch the Bag

    Our FSC certified eco shoeboxes have new built-in handles so you can skip the disposable bag.

    We are Climate Neutral

    We’re the world’s first fashion footwear and accessories company to be certified.

    Big Journey, Small Steps

    As part of our journey towards creating a better tomorrow, together, we became fully vegan. That doesn’t solve everything - we're constantly working to reduce our impact & leave the planet better than we found it.

    Sustainability FAQs

    Why did Call It Spring decide to move into the sustainability space?
    In the world we live in, sustainable style shouldn’t be aspirational. Just like our customers, we want to reduce our impact on the planet so we’re working to make shoes and accessories that don’t compromise on price or style with the addition of eco-conscious materials. Understanding that vegan does not necessarily mean sustainable, we have created these sustainably vegan styles to give our community the opportunity to feel good about their choices.

    How are our sustainable styles made?
    These styles are made using vegan materials that are better for the planet, such as:

    • Recycled jersey lining, made from yarn created from post-consumer plastic bottles
    • BLOOM™ algae foam insoles made from algae harvested from rivers and lakes
    • Eco vegan leather made with eco-conscious vegan leather (Waterborne PU), a material that uses less energy to create than standard vegan leathers and swaps chemical solvents for H2O
    • Water-based glue that has all the adhesive power but kinder to our planet.

    Does Call It Spring have a sustainability policy?
    Yes, we have an ever-evolving sustainability policy and dedicated sustainability team committed to advancing standards in everything from responsible sourcing, sustainable packaging, cause partnerships, and charting a roadmap for all of Call It Spring’s brand-purpose and sustainability endeavors and initiatives.

    We’re also committed to sustainable packaging by sourcing deforestation-free shoeboxes that have been certified by the FSC, as well as using vegetable-based inks on our packaging. Additionally, we also work with our sourcing partners to reduce any unnecessary packaging (ex. shoebox stuffing materials).

    More Questions?