As Customer Service Experts, it's our main priority to ensure that you are being well serviced. To help us create the best experience for you, we ask that you always practice respect in dealing with our associates.  Abusive or aggressive behaviors such as yelling, bullying, swearing, or discriminatory remarks will not be tolerated as we continue on our journey to create a world of Love, Confidence, and Belonging.

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Sometimes in life we are met with the unexpected. The last few weeks, months even, have been the definition of unexpected. With the world put on pause seemingly overnight, we were faced with what has become our new reality. It’s a “new normal” that none of us saw coming and to be honest, we are still figuring out how to navigate it all, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our immense appreciation for you, our incredible community.

As we look ahead to brighter days, we continue to closely monitor government and public health updates which are changing daily. Please head to our store locator page for all updates.

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