Eco Updates

Take the Box
Not the Bag

All our shoeboxes are now eco-designed with built-in handles so you can skip the disposable bag. Plus, they’re recyclable, deforestation-free, and made with vegetable-based inks. AKA all of the good stuff and none of the bad stuff.
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  • But hey, if you really do need a bag we’ve got you covered.
    Grab one of our reusable tote bags for $1 in stores.

  • This little bag is doing big things.

    Our reusable totes are made of 80% recycled water bottles. Even better, this initiative will reduce the number of bags used in stores by about 72%, while reducing the carbon footprint from our shopping bags by 39%. Plus, 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of our totes will go to ME to WE.

    Get a Bag. Give Water.

    Through our partnership with ME to WE, net proceeds from your eco-tote purchase contribute to clean water and sanitation projects in Kenya.

    You’re helping to build new wells, water catchment systems, and hand-washing facilities (and we think that’s pretty awesome).


    What is the "Take the Box not the Bag" initiative?
    The "Take the Box Not the Bag" initiative, launched in 2019, promotes the use of our box as a bag leading to the elimination of single-use bags from all our stores, leaving you with the option of purchasing an eco-tote if needed. The initiative is implemented in corporate stores in Canada and the USA. This is one of the many innovative strides we’re taking every day on our unending path towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

    Why did you launch this initiative?
    As per Quantis's 2018 "Measuring Fashion" report, the apparel and footwear industries account for 8% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. As the first fashion footwear company to be certified as climate neutral, we always keep this in mind and are continuously exploring different ways to reduce our environmental impact. After the introduction of our box equipped with a handle, removing single-use bags from our stores seemed like a natural next step.

    What else is Call It Spring doing for the environment?
    Call It Spring gives back to our local communities in many ways and strives to be environmentally responsible through company-wide sustainable practices. Please visit for more information about our initiatives.