Vegan Shoes & Handbags

Always stylish, now
completely vegan.

Welcome to our journey to create a better tomorrow, together.

Feel Good Choices

We wanted to make it easier for you to make good choices that would lead to better ones.

Shop your favourite styles that you can feel good about and feel good in, without having to question if animals were used or harmed in the making of our products. Every. Single. Style. 100% PETA-approved. We don’t mess around.

  • Little Things Can Make A Big Difference choosing Sustainable + Vegan over the usual.

    Our collection is now free from animal skins, feathers, furs, hairs, wool fibers, shells, silk, and any other animal-based processes and components... all day, every day.

  • Feeling BrandNew?
    Shake it up with new vegan styles.

    Vegan FAQs

    What steps did we take?
    The first step was to conduct a thorough assessment of materials and formulations in our products. We identified what needed to be replaced, developed a vegan policy that outlined what was no longer permitted in our products, and received PETA-approved endorsement for reaching the highest global standards of animal-friendly production.

    Will all products be vegan moving forward?
    Call It Spring is committed to going fully vegan. This means from our Spring 2019 collection onwards, all new shoes, handbags and accessories will be entirely animal-free.

    How can I tell which of the Call It Spring products are vegan?
    We have created a little ‘V’ symbol and inscribed this on our vegan shoes, the tags of our vegan handbags and the packaging of vegan accessories to help customers identify vegan products. As of Spring 2019, all new products will be vegan and include the ‘V’ symbol on the insole or packaging.

    More Questions?