Kind AF

A look. A movement. A way of life. We believe in being Kind AF & we’re bringing kindness into everything we do.

Kind to the Planet

Forest-friendly packaging, no single use plastic bags, plus: we’re a Certified Climate Neutral company—these are just a few of the initiatives we have in place to show a little kindness to our home planet.
  • Kind AF Styles

    Made from Hydro Vegan Leather and post-consumer waste, our sustainably vegan Kind Collection puts the planet first. Nerd out on the science behind our sustainable materials or check out the Kind AF collection.
  • When #GenerationSpring Gets Kind AF

    Join the Kind AF movement on IG @callitspring. Show us how you’re being #kindAF to each other and the planet. We’ll be paying it forward with Kind AF gestures, aka: prizes & more. Let’s celebrate each other. Let’s show each other some love. Let’s be kinder than ever.

    Our Kind AF Community

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