The Winter Shop

Snow Can’t
Stop You

We joined forces with NOIZE to
keep you covered all winter long
with vegan and waterproof
boots and jackets.

Vegan + Very Warm
Vegan from H2T
Vegan + Very Warm
Need some seriously warm boots that handle harsh weather? To keep you smiling all winter, we doubled-down on warmth and left the cruelty behind. These boots are lined and vegan.
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Faux fur. Real warmth.
Feel warm and fuzzy on the inside and outside this winter. Just wrap yourself up in a sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free jacket by our friends at NOIZE.
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Boots for the brrr
Vegan from H2T
Boots for the brrr
We can’t stop snow. But we can stop cruelty (one pair of boots at a time). These vegan, lined and waterproof boots keep you warm and dry, even when it’s –20 and summer is sooo far away.
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Don’t Get
Cold Feet

When your weather app looks like this: ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ these waterproof, lined and vegan boots have you covered.