Let's Give Back

Pack your Call It Spring box with your pre-loved goods for a meaningful second life that benefits charities. Shipping is free and easy. Now that’s a box for the better.

A Box For The Better

Call It Spring x Give Back Box empowers you to give your things a second life and help those in need by donating to local charities fueling community programs. Shipping is free and easy.


Ready to give?

Let’s do it. Grab your new Call It Spring shoebox.

Pack It

Fill your giving box with donation items, anything from shoes, to accessories, clothes and more are accepted.

Print It

Download and print your free Give Back Box shipping label below.

Ship It

Stick the label to the box and it’s ready to ship. ​

Behind the Give Back Box

Meet The Founder, Monika Wiela

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself/your background?

A: I was born in Poland, moved to the US about 18 years ago and started my first business - selling shoes online!

Q: We hear shoes played a part in how Give Back Box started, can you elaborate on what inspired you to start this not-for profit?

A: Shoes have always been a passion of mine, and they are still the first fashion item I think of when building my wardrobe. When I first moved to the US I started an online shoe store, as it was something I knew best and was easy for me to do in a new country. Unexpectedly, this led me to an even bigger life adventure of starting my own non-profit organization - Give Back Box. One day I saw a homeless man on the street who needed shoes. As a shoe store owner, I wanted to help, but I was only selling women's shoes at the time.

This incident and urge to help gave me the idea – What if every online shopper could send something back to help others in need, using the same box their new shoes were delivered in? And that's how the Give Back Box was born...

Q: What gave you the courage and confidence to start your own business/not-for profit?

A: I simply wanted to help. Helping others is still one of my biggest pleasures in life. When you help others, you are not afraid anymore. Courage and confidence comes free.

Q: You have a big mission, what inspires you to keep going?

A: When I see the results. How much I’ve already accomplished, how many people I’ve made smile, and how many brands are helping us on this journey, this is the biggest motivation of all.

Q: What part of your job gives you the most satisfaction?

A: Working with brands, when I see how much impact a brand can make. It’s like surfing, you know that feeling when you catch the perfect wave? We are riding the tide together.